Yoga + Meditation

Expanding through the body, mind and heart. You don’t have to do a handstand or meditate for an hour to effectively practice yoga. All you need to do is have the courage to step on your mat and be with yourself. This is where it all starts. 

Let's Practice

On Demand Classes

Practice anytime, anywhere with online classes. Choose from a variety of 10-minute to 60-minutes classes. 

Rent or purchase one class, or join a monthly subscription to explore more on-demand classes and add consistency to your practice.

In-Person Studio Classes

Join a community of yogis to flow together, breathe as one, and meditate to greater depths with the energy of others. 

In-person vinyasa and slow flow yoga classes are currently taking place at The Space Bali located in Bingin Bali, Indonesia. 


Private Lessons

Deepen your yoga and meditation with 1:1 personalized Private Sessions online or in-person. 

Use this time to grow your practice, improve your habits, break through blockages, and optimize your overall wellbeing. 

Open through the body, mind & heart

Yoga initiates an inner reflection, self-knowledge, and paves the way to internal mastery. 


Through mindful movement, we are better able to align our body and mind. Gentle challenges show you where you are strong, open or restricted, and build the strength and resilience needed both on and off the mat. Greater awareness to our breathing patterns can help identify when your body the and mind may be overworked or anxious. Properly guided meditation practices create the space to observe thought patterns and gain more compassionate connection and curiosity within. The growth of your practice will be reflected in your everyday life

Expand Your Practice,
Expand Your Life

Expand your practice and your perspective through adventurous and soulful travels to top destinations around the world. Join us on an international adventure of a lifetime!

Step into growth and immerse yourself in the deeper learnings of somatics, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, pranayama and more through in-depth, educational and experiential Trainings. 

200hr YTT, 300hr YTT, and Specialized Trauma-Informed Yoga Trainings. 

"Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self & to the self" -Bhagavad Gita

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