LIVE Transformational Breathwork Journey 

Monday Evenings

5:00pm PT / 8:00pm ET

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Class Description:

Explore Active Breathwork & Somatic Therapy Practices virtually with Katie to dive into the deeper layers of your mind, heart and spirit through the power of the body and a 3-part conscious connected breath.

Somatic practices and this powerful breathwork journey will help you uncover, process, and repattern deeper levels of your mind, heart, and soul. This is one of the most powerful ways to release what has been holding you back, to move forward in life with greater freedom, lightness, and clarity.

Katie will guide you through this profound experience. You may breathe as slowly and gently as you would like, or step in more powerfully to explore deeper transformations and breakthroughs in your life. This breath technique has the ability to help you work through deeper emotions, move stagnant energy, and connect more authentically to your life and beyond.

No experience necessary. We will begin with an introduction to this specific style of breathwork, then move into a brief somatic practice before entering into a 25-minute active breathwork session paired to music. We will end with a soul-soothing and grounding savasana.


To Prepare: 

Please wear comfortable clothing and gather any items to make yourself even more comfortable lying on your back for 45 minutes (ground is better, but if you need to lay in your bed too, that will work). A blanket to cover yourself may feel nice, a pillow under your knees if you have a tight lower back, a thin pillow or folded blanket for under your head (not too bulky), and I recommend an eye mask or something to cover your eyes (hand towel, shirt). These are all optional but could help you feel a little more comfortable during our session.


Class Payment: 

$25 Class payment can be made via Venmo (@Katie-nesbitt), PayPal or Zelle (using

If you cannot afford the $25 for class, please email me at with the subject line: “Breathwork discount” and I will offer you a significant discount on class. I want to help you make strides in life to feel better in any way possible – especially during these challenging times


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