You’re just breaths away from more clarity, connection, and contentment. Breathwork is an active form of meditation used to uncover and release emotions and blocked thought patterns for deeper healing and growth. 

Breathe through it

Uncover your deeper layers and connect to an increased feeling of freedom, liberation and growth. 

This specialized active breathing technique will help you safely process layers of past experiences that have built up over time. 

This specific form of consciously connected Breathwork is a powerful healing technique that involves breathing deeply and rhythmically to access the body’s natural healing abilities. It is a form of meditation that combines conscious breathing with relaxation techniques to help you release emotional and psychological traumas and internal blockages that may be impacting mental and physical health.

A breathwork journey will allow you to:

  • Process and free yourself of past pain, hurt, grief, trauma, emotional distress
  • Activate resiliency and flexibility of the nervous system 
  • Discover clarity and creativity in work, relationships, and more
  • Connect to the deeper wisdom you hold within, and uncover the answers to questions you have been harboring
  • Build greater compassion and connection to life
  • Reconnect to joy and contentment
  • Step into your power and the ability to manifest your deepest desires and optimal future


If you are new to this style of Breathwork, a private session is highly recommended to start.  Contact Katie to learn more, book your free consultation, and begin your healing journey through this profound practice.

Katie Nesbitt guiding meditation

Breathwork is a Journey

Have you ever felt like you were in a pressure cooker? When you’re completely consumed with a mixture of emotions. Everything feels tense and overwhelming and at any moment something inside may pop. Your whole system needs to discharge built-up stress, frustration, and anxiety and you’re in need of a total reset to your system. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many places or guides to help you move through these feelings in a way where you feel safe to simply feel what is there and moving through you, where you are in full control, and have the ability to create powerful shifts in your life. 

Without the need to analyze or speak to it. 

Instead, you feel it, process it, and transmute it. 

Then, the weight of the world of emotions begins to lift and you begin to feel more like yourself.

Once the breath has released blockages of grief, trauma, and stress, you can drop deeper into a state of freedom and bliss. Your intuition becomes louder, your heart feels warmer, and your overall being will be lighter.


Katie’s knowledge, experience, and ability to hold you safely through this profound process will lead you into transmuting stress, pain, trauma, grief and more, into feelings of freedom, lightness, and trust in path of your life once again. 

What to Expect

You don’t have to know precisely what is ready to be released or received. Every session is unique and each breath has its own way of clearing out what it is ready to leave, and a safe place to explore what is alive in your body, heart and soul.

You will start by connecting to the body using gentle movements and breathing.

Each session will begin by guiding you into your current physical, mental and emotional state. Once you’ve taken inventory of your inner landscape, you will then set an intention for the session.

This opening helps prepare the system to have a greater experience of the breath.

Then you move into active, transformative breathing.

For 20-25 minutes, you are completely in control of how deep or powerful your journey will go.

You will be guided through explorations of energetic and emotional release.

The guided release helps you shed anything that may have surfaced throughout the session.

To close, you will savor necessary rest.

Activate the parasympathetic nervous system and integrate the deeper work into the mind, body, and spirit.

"I am forever grateful I experienced breathwork with Katie, as she is an amazing human being. My journey was intense, physically I felt tingling sensations throughout my body. Emotionally, I could let go and release what needed to be released. Words just don’t do this justice.” -Ulrike R.

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Experience more profound clarity, connection, and consciousness to life once again. Group classes and private sessions are available online or in-person.

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