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Ready to take your passion for yoga to the next step? Deepen your yoga and somatic practices, and learn to share your knowledge with others to create a meaningful impact in this world!

Upcoming Training

50-hour Trauma Informed Training

Hybrid online & in-person training in Westwood, MA

This educational and experiential training in a hybrid-style (online and in-person) setting is a comprehensive merging of modern science and ancient yogic wisdom to better support students with a history of trauma and maladaptive stress responses. Learn trauma-informed teaching techniques to establish a safe and supportive environment for yourself and your students. 


Through this 50hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training, you will gain the knowledge and necessary tools to more effectively work with individuals who have experienced trauma, and better understand how to safely guide and support students and clients along their path of recovery and healing. 


As a yoga teacher, coach or wellness leader, it is crucial to be aware of the prevalence of trauma and maladaptive stress responses in our current society. Enhancing your understanding of trauma-sensitive yoga techniques and science-based somatic practices can enable you to make a significant difference for your students, community and yourself. 


By cultivating a safe and nurturing environment, you can promote deeper self-awareness, foster connection, improve trust, build empowerment, and help your students  or clients embody the yoga teachings for personal development and more impactful growth for students of all backgrounds. 






  • The significance of mental health, trauma, and a maladaptive stress response
  • In-depth neuroscience education related to trauma, maladaptive stress responses, the brain, and the power of neuroplasticity
  • Key neurochemicals and hormones related to trauma and our stress response
  • Education of the autonomic nervous system, modern theories and approaches
  • How to recognize and understand signs of dysregulation, and how to guide students through nervous system regulation techniques
  • Detailed exploration into concepts of the nervous system, such as the Polyvagal Theory, Window of Tolerance, neuroception, interoception, and effective modalities and techniques for nervous system regulation and resiliency
  • Understanding the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy, and its correlation to modern science
  • How and why mindfulness is a foundation to healing and thriving



  • Meditation and Pranayama techniques useful for trauma recovery and regulation
  • Introduction to effective somatic practices
  • Trauma-informed teaching methodologies to ensure you create a safe and effective environment for yourself and your students in group classes and private sessions, class set-up, structure, and key differences in teaching traditional public classes 
  • Practical tools to develop self-regulation, co-regulation, and attunement



  • Develop yourself at a deeper level
  • Understand your personal stress responses
  • Practice personalized yoga & somatic techniques to regular the  nervous system regulation
  • Embody exponential growth within yourself personally and professionally
  • Gain new lifelong friendships with global yoga community 


Cultivating a trauma-informed approach is crucial for the evolving landscape of teachers, educators, and coaches, ensuring they can effectively and compassionately support individuals from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Integrating the wisdom of yoga with modern science and evidence-based tools is essential for fostering a safer and more informed environment, enabling a profound and meaningful journey of personal growth for all.  



  • Education on the neuroscience of trauma: deep dive into: the triune brain, neurochemicals, polyvagal theory, windows of tolerance, neuroception, interoception 
  • Education on yogic philosophy and how it relates to trauma and maladaptive stress responses: 8-limbs of yoga, gunas, koshas, kleshas, philosophy, and more
  • Practices: Meditations, Pranayama, Yoga, and Somatic Techniques to help rewire the brain, and regulate the nervous system
  • Learn how to take the education and practical techniques into more safely teaching group classes, and private clients with a history of trauma: co-regulation, attunement, self-regulation, titration, pendulation, remaining in the window of tolerance, interoception, and much more.



  • Module 1: Mental Health Awareness: Trauma, Maladaptive Stress Response, Intro to Somatic Therapy
  • Module 2: The Brain: Triune Brain, Neuroplasticity, Neurotransmitters & Hormones, Mindfulness
  • Module 3: The Nervous System: Polyvagal Theory, Window of Tolerance, Nervous System Regulation techniques
  • Module 4: Yogic Philosophy & Sutras, as it relates to Trauma & Stress Response
  • Module 5: Trauma-Informed Teaching Methodologies: Class preparation, set-up, teaching methodologies for group classes, speciality group classes, teaching methodologies for 1:1 sessions, introduction to somatic practices
  • Practices: Throughout this training you will be building a toolbox of practices for you feel comfortable integrating the tools more deeply into your into your life and your teachings


For registered yoga teachers who would like to receive their 50hr CEU’s via Yoga Alliance, a short quiz and practicum will be required.



  • Yoga teachers who want to broaden their yogic knowledge and expand their student base
  • Mental health professionals who want to better serve their patients with holistic healing tools
  • Wellness Educators & Coaches who desire to more effectively support their clients
  • Anyone interested understanding and supporting one’s own trauma or maladaptive stress responses, or to better understand and support a loved one with a history of trauma




Live Online Lectures (15hrs):  

– Thursday, August 22: 12pm – 5pm

– Thursday, August 29: 12pm – 5pm

– Thursday, September 5: 12pm-5pm

Lectures will be recorded 


In-Person Immersive Weekend in Westwood, MA (18hrs):

– Saturday, September 7: 8am-5pm

– Sunday, September 8: 8am-5pm


Daily Home Practices (12hrs): 

Daily yoga, meditation, pranayama practices and somatic techniques

will be provided for your continued learning and

embodying of the integrative somatic practices


Reading / Self-Study (5+hrs): 

Recommended supplemental readings to continue and support your learning 





Early Bird Pricing (ends July 31):  $845 early bird 

Regular Pricing: $945 normal price   


Cost includes all teaching hours, recordings of daily practices, digital student manual, certificate of completion. Does not include cost of supplemental reading materials. 

Payment plans can be discussed if needed. 

Past & Future Trainings

50hr Trauma-Informed Immersive Retreat-Style Training in Bali, Indonesia

April 2025 (dates to be shared soon)

Trauma-Informed Yoga & Somatics

This week-long training offers a unique combination of education and experiential learning in a gorgeous setting in Uluwatu, Bali.
Training Details & Sign Up

Trauma-Informed &
Somatic Trainings

If you are a teacher, coach, or professional interested in bringing proven Somatic Therapy techniques and Trauma-Informed knowledge into your career to make an even deeper impact for your clients, contact me to learn more about the in-person and virtual training opportunities for you. 


Mental Health is a growing field and understanding is necessity for yoga teachers, coaches, and professionals. Take the next step in your field to help others grow, heal, and learn the skills necessary to support clients safely along their journey to healing, growth and transformation. 

200h & 300h Trainings

Whether your aim is to deepen your own practice or fulfill your calling to become an inspiring yoga teacher, our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) or 300hr YTT program will guide you on a life changing journey as you deepen your connection to Self, nurture your love and passion for yoga, and forge real and authentic friendships with your fellow students and teachers.

200-hour YTT

Through Sattva Yoga Bali, our 200-hour YTT course is a vinyasa based training with a strong emphasis on alignment and skillful sequencing. Our main priority is to provide each student with the building blocks to create a solid foundation to become competent teachers. Our mission is to inspire intelligent, authentic, and compassionate teachers that have the confidence to skillfully lead classes with integrity, and whose teachings are rooted in the depth of yoga philosophy and ethics. Co-led by instructors Katie Nesbitt (E-RYT 500) and Nicole Cane (E-RYT 500), along with a powerful team of highly experienced guest teachers, our 200-hour yoga teacher training courses will prepare you with the necessary tools to deeper your personal practices and start teaching yoga. 

300-hour YTT

If you are already a Yoga Teacher interested in advancing your studies, teaching knowledge and experience, join Katie and a team of highly experienced teachers in Bali through Aylan Yoga School at the world-renowned Istana Meditation & Wellness Center.  Our 300-hr YTT course includes deeper studies in the area of trauma-informed yoga, somatic practices, advanced asanas, pranayama, meditation, advanced sequencing, and so much more. 

More information about the 300-hr YTT course can be found here.

Katie Nesbitt teaching a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training
Helping others, encouraging others, and supporting others has more meaning than you may ever realize. Compassionate, safe support has the ability to heal your clients and this world.

About Katie

Katie is an internationally sought-out teacher, trainer, coach, and somatic specialist. She is a certified a 500-hr RYT Yoga Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator, Meditation Guide, Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and Wellness Coach. Katie specializes in somatic therapy modalities, transformative breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, Vinyasa yoga, and Corporate Wellness Consulting.


Katie has helped thousands of people around the world improve their mental, emotional, and physical well-being and empower them with the tools needed to thrive in everyday life.

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