Somatic Therapy

Integrative Somatic Therapy is a body-centric approach that includes proven mind-body modalities to bring awareness to the sensations of the body (soma), safely process emotions, improve nervous system regulation, and rewire areas of the brain associated with trauma and a maladaptive stress response. 

What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic therapy explores the link between the brain, emotions, and behavior. While traditional therapies prioritize “talk” and the impact of the mind on psychological well-being, somatically oriented approaches leverage the understanding of the brain and nervous system to feel significant improvements quicker, and can provide a future of greater self-regulation during stressful or challenging times in life.

The intellectual mind can only go so far in understanding and moving through stress, pain, grief, and trauma – we must learn to connect to the body to truly heal the mind and heart. 


Somatic interventions are truly remarkable because they allow us to actively intervene in our own neural pathways and behaviors. This enables us to develop new ways of responding to our environment, and breaking free from the constraints of old habits.


This powerful work also aims to safely release and heal maladaptive stress responses, tension, grief, and trauma that may be stuck in the body; while empowering individuals through their personal healing journey.


Somatic Therapy is used in the treatment of a variety of mental and physical disorders, such as: overwhelming bouts of stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, burnout, sleep issues, digestive disorders, unhealthy relationships, anger management, substance abuse, addiction, mood balancing, chronic pain, diminished interest in life, and tendencies towards hypoarousal and hyperarousal.

Why it Works

Knowledge is power and wisdom creates transformation.

Somatic Therapy sessions with Katie will help you deeply understand the “how” and “why” behind trauma and maladaptive stress responses. 


By understanding the neuroscience of the body and mind, and the ancient eastern practices that build greater internal awareness, you will unlock a profound power of healing.

Somatic therapy works by helping you tune into your physical sensations and experiences in order to better understand mental and emotional states. By working with concepts such as neuroception, interception, and expanding your personal window of tolerance by paying attention to your body’s signals and responses, you can gain insight into underlying emotional and psychological issues that may be affecting your overall wellbeing.

During our somatic therapy session, we may use a variety of techniques to help you connect with your body, and work through past and present challenges via improved nervous system regulation and rewiring neural pathways and habitual imprints. Katie will introduce a series of effective techniques that may include specific breathing exercises, movement therapy, self-resourcing therapies, and other forms of body-centered approaches based on your personal internal experiences.

Mindfulness is a key factor in Somatic healing. You will learn more about yourself through this work, and feel more empowered along your path to optimal healing and well-being. 

A Powerful Therapy for Growth

Utilizing transformative healing techniques can help bring answers to your next steps in life.

Somatic therapy can also be an effective option for anyone looking to get more deeply in touch with themselves. This is a safe and effective modality to improve mind-body awareness, nervous system regulation, personal emotional mastery, and an overall greater connection to life.


Going beneath the thinking mind, connecting into a felt sense, and uncovering your deeper wisdom states will process past pain, distress, grief, trauma, challenging experiences and relationships, as well as break through mental or emotional blocks you’ve been consciously or unconsciously holding onto for years. It’s time to break through and create a path and pattern of healing through this effective and empowering form of treatment.

Some of the specific benefits of somatic therapy may include:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Improved mood and emotional regulation
  • Increased self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Greater sense of connection with others
  • Better physical health and wellness

Katie’s vast experience has helped numerous clients around the world tap into their own healing capabilities through a greater understanding of the mind-body connection, and learning the techniques for transformative healing and integrating this knowledge into everyday life. 

Here for You

I am here to support you in creating lasting changes to get you out of your mind, into your body, and strengthen your belief system to move towards post traumatic GROWTH.

Somatic therapy is a very personal practice. Specific, customized methods will help you rebalance your nervous system, rewire your brain, and help you move into a more stable, regulated place in life.

Through our work together, you will learn a variety of tools, as well as understanding why your brain and body hold on to trauma, how to effectively re-pattern the mind, regulate the nervous system, and we will create customized plans together to help you rediscover your innate ability to heal. We will dive deeper into how your personal body holds tension and stress from your past, break through stagnant or blocked energy, re-pattern negative thought loops and reactions, regulate emotions, and uncover ways to create a healthier mind, body and heart in a safe and sustainable way.

If you are interested in exploring somatic therapy, please contact me for a free consultation to learn more and see if somatic therapy is right for you.

katie nesbitt somatic session
“Katie has changed my life on so many different levels. She is very insightful and incredibly calming, and instantly knows how to guide me through each session we have together. She has taught me how breathwork, yoga and meditation can help me find ways to be able to cope with the daily stresses of life and improve my quality of sleep. She has given me the tools to be able to calm my mind and body with the Somatic Therapy techniques. Katie is always uplifting and joyful to work with and anyone who ever works with her is extremely lucky to have her positive influence in their lives. I would highly recommend Katie.” -Juliet S.

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